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New Shipment of fresh Imports arrive in UK - 12/09/2011  


New shipment of cars have just landed in the UK, keep a check on Vehicles In Stock for new photos been uploaded.

lancia Delta
Nissan Figaro
Lancia Delta

Lancia Delta





DCY Europe, Now on Twitter - 15/06/2011  


With Social networking been one of the most popular pass times on the internet, we decided it was about time we embraced the craze and joined the biggest and the best, Twitter!

Click any Twitter link on this site to be directed to our page where you can follow us,

and keep track of all the happenings at DCY Europe.





New Shipment of fresh Imports arrive in UK - 15/06/2011  


New shipment of cars have just landed in the UK, keep a check on Vehicles In Stock for new photos been uploaded.

See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images




New Shipment of fresh Imports arrive in UK - 01/06/201   


New shipment of Import arrive in UK, fresh in from Japan, 9 vehicles, sports cars and MPV's, full stocklist for more info. Vehicles In Stock

These vehicles are now in the awaiting clearance, We expect to have these back at DCY for Friday 3 June 2011

See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images





 Stock just left Japan - 04/05/2011   


New shipment of cars, just left from Japan, Due into the UK 20-06-2011 - view full stocklist for more info Vehicles In Stock

See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images
See More Details and Images




 The future of Japanese Imports in the UK - 15/04/2011   


New shipment of cars, fresh in from Japan, 17 vehicles, sports cars and MPV's, view full stocklist for more info. Vehicles In Stock





 The future of Japanese Imports in the UK - 12/02/2011  


The UK economy has improved and is showing signs of getting stronger yet still the exchange rate is at an all time low. Putting it into prospective a vehicle costing £10,000 to purchase in Japan in 2008 with today’s exchange rate would cost £19,150...................

Read full article




 DCY Europe move into new Showroom - 10/10/2010  


Over the past few years DCY have been searching for an ideal location. In August 2010, 10 years after DCY first formed, we moved into our new 50 car Plus site. Indoor, outdoor, showroom & everything under one roof, baring the workshop. We have a nice constant flow of Imports into the UK on a monthly basis. Equally a respectable amount of imports landing across Europe. Stock is constantly changing. Keep visiting the website (which is having yet another refresh)




 DCY 2010 News- 08/02/2010  


Good news for DCY in 2010. We are in the process of building a new showroom, on a very pleasing industrial site. The unit should be complete July. Allowing DCY to be nicely settled in for our 10th birthday on the 1st September.

Been market leaders and standing the test of time, DCY have built superb contacts in Japan and have availability of of 500,000 units per week. With bad economic value, the GB Pound has dropped on exchange with the Japanese Yen. Making it near on impossible to bring any cars into the UK. With our vast availability and trading status in Japan, we are still able to import, order and stock anything Japan has to offer. Keep watching the stock list, stock changing daily.

The DCY drift R32 GTS/R driven by James Russell in 2008/2009 European Drift Championship, finishing 6th in 09!! For 2010, James will stay with DCY and compete in the EDC. Please visit EDC website for this years event information.

Strength to Strength at DCY for 2010. The Uk's Number 1 Japanese Import Specialist.



 DCY Website Latest Update - 02/09/2009  


This website contains so much reinvent information for anything Jap Car related. Things put in place to help the customer, insurance, vehicle specs & information, listed are all the Facilities we at DCY can offer. Today see's the completion of our stock list, with over 50 cars now in stock The parts pages have now had an update showing more of the parts we can offer. The amazing selection of Rota alloy, specially designed for correct fitment of JDM cars. The Blueprint parts selection, bursting with parts, especially for your JDM import. Check the links on DCY, you don't know what you could be missing.




 DCY's Outstanding EVO 7RS for sale - 03/08/2009  


DCY have freshly building the EVO 7RS that's been seen at so many events over the last 3 years. The car has undergone a whole new front end chassis and aero build. Full under bottom paint, strip down and rebuilding using new parts and plenty of love. The engine has been improved dramatically also and is now running a proven 760hp on pump fuel on a pretty un stressed map. This car has potential to run in access of 800hp. for more information & spec on the car view our media pages.




 NEW Stock Always Available - 24/07/2009  


DCY Europe have seen a huge increase in vehicle purchase from Europe & none EU country's. This means we are seeing plenty more vehicles passing through the UK. We constantly have 200 vehicles in the UK bound for worldwide destinations. Plenty of these vehicles are not placed and can be pulled out of the loop and supplied to the UK market.

If you don't see anything on our stocklist what your looking for please call and we can inform you on the stock we have available.




 3 MITSUBISHI EVO 6 RS - 17/07/2009  


3 EVO 6RS's NOW IN STOCK !! Available for viewing. Be quick these cars wont hang around long. See Vehicles In Stock for more info. Multi photos and vehicles spec coming soon. Please call for more information, Deposits can be taken now to reserve one.




 DCY's EVO 7 RS on Waste Gate Chatter front cover - 14/07/2009  


'Waste Gate Chatter' the official magazine of the MLR - is out very soon. Our all new Time Attack Evo 7 RS is featured within. the car is now complete and ready for it's first outing, Mondello Park September 6th. The car will be out on display at Ten Of The Best (TOTB) Come see the car on the MLR stand !





 James Demonstrates the art of getting close - santa pod EDC round 5 - 13/07/2009  


'James Russell demonstrates the art of getting close on the tight track at Santa Pod, "both cars showed amazing control as they sped through the course at brilliant angles right next to each other" James is currently 6th in the 'Need For Speed' European Drift Championship. James is now in his second year of EDC with the DCY drift car. Out of season time was spent dramatically changing the R32. James has now found a good and happy setup that seems to be working, Very fast entry speeds, Plenty of angle & lots of power. There is always more to come so watch this space! See James compete in the final round of EDC on the 11th October at Snetterton Race Circuit.     






 2 MITSUBISHI EVO 6 RS - 08/07/2009  


New into stock, arrive within the week. See Vehicles In Stock for more info. Vehicles will be loaded once they arrive.




 DCY Media Website updates - 07/07/2009  


Latest news coming soon. New website changeover almost complete.




 Are young drivers at more risk of injury - 08/06/2009  


Young drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident than more experienced drivers according to a recent report.

One out of every five young drivers suffers a crash within their first year of driving, and young drivers are 10 times more likely......... Read the article




 DCY Pro Time Attack / 10 Second Drag car for sale - 22/08/2008  


A long and well thought out decision has been made and the DCY Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Drag/Track is up for sale. The car started life as a normal 280bhp GTR in Japan, where a company called Decide tuned the car giving it 500bhp. Since then DCY have rebuilt the whole car, engine & everything. For a full spec list click on the demo cars link on the left. The car is almost ready to run a 10 second flat quarter and is ready to run on any race track. As seen by thousands over the last 3 years. Your chance to get one of the best prepared R32 GTR's in the UK.




 DCY Media Website updates - 22/08/2008  


Throughout 2008 team DCY have only run 2 cars. The carbon EVO 7 RS driven by Barrie in club class, Time Attack. Barrie has had 3 2nd place finishes and been awarded the fastest EVO in 4 of the 5 rounds. Currently Barrie is currently 4th in the championship. It's tight at the top of Club class, the finale round at Snetterton will decide who goes home with the silverware for 2008. DCY's 2nd car that's completed in 2008 is the R32 GTS (RB26 powered) Skyline driven by james Russell in the EDC (European Drift Championship) Throughout the year James has made plenty of valuable changes to the Skyline. James has had a handful of top 16 finishes and one top eight finish. James is currently13th in the championship with 1 round at Silverstone left before the final round in Poland. Updates on both the cars and drivers will added soon.




 DCY Team up with James Russell for 2008 - 09/12/2007  


DCY are proud to announce they have a new Drift driver for 2008, James Russell. The departure of Sweeps at the end of the 07 season left the future of DCY drift floating, it was a consideration to sell the R32. That's when James come along. James started drifting in 2004 and progressed ever since. He ran in Euro drift for the last 2 years along with plenty of other events & shows along the way. 2007 saw James finish 4th Overall in Euro drift pro class and 3rd in the British Open Championship Pro class James is very eager to enter the EDC and compete at top level. James is highly experienced in Welding, Metal Fabrication, Paint, Loads of Spanner Skills & Engine Builds. So the DCY drift car is getting a much earned refresh and plenty of new development. More info on James and the cars progress coming soon.




 Jap Show Finale, Santa Pod Raceway - 07/10/2007


George his a new personal best drag time. Apparently Santa pod prepare the track well for Jap Show, this is the rumor that was flying around around the pits and judging by the amount of broken drive shafts kicking about its true. George's R32 has only ever run on a drag strip twice, once at York raceway and then at TOTB (see event reports below)  So the car has had very little time on the drag strip, but George was here to get the very best time available from GTR

 Click here for results and photos




 Sweeps Retires from DCY. Raceway - 07/10/2007  


After 2 years of running the DCY R32 Drift car Sweeps is hanging up his race suit with DCY.

Sweeps career with Distinctive Cars has been very eventful, he entered the sport after one practice day at Tesside and entered into the biggest comp of them all D1 UK. After a hard fight to get his D1 licence he found himself entering into 2007 with a full licence for European Drift Championship, where his best finish was a second place at Knockhill.

Sweeps also attended plenty of drift practice and demo days including running in the Eurodrift Competition on some events. Sweeps is now an organiser of BDC (British Drift Championship)




 Jap Show Finale, Santa Pod Raceway - 07/10/2007


George is planning big things for his silver GTR over the winter. These all new changes means he will be unable to run in any drag event again. So with Jap Show fast approaching it's a good excuse for him to improve on his person best of 10.60.

 Visit The JapShow website




 All Star Drift Show, Chepstow racecorse, - 22/09/2007


With the season drawing to end Sweeps and the DCY drift car got an invite to run in the All Star drift show at Chepstow, which falls on the final of Eurodrift where Sweeps commentates. Space was limited and the coarse was tight and made up of 3 bends. There were 16 cars to make the selected All Star line up. A missing front bumper. broken indicator, smashed headlight later the event was all over and Sweeps finished 4th.

click for more photo's




 Time Attack, Final, - 19/08/2007


With Brands Hatch been so far away, we decided to leave the day before in good time and have a relaxing day, instead of the 100mph mad rush as normal. With early leaving we had to make sure the car were ready for the event.  Surprisingly the EVO 7 was fine and didn't thing doing since the last round at Knockhill. The Silver R32 needed the gearbox rebuilding, 5th gear was unable to get we think The top speed run at TOTB  could of been the cause. The Blue 32 did need a few tweaks, brakes still been the big issue.

click for more information & results




 European Drift Championship Final, - 19/08/2007


The final venue for the EDC took place at North Weald, Essex, on an air field. Initially we thought it was a come down to hold the final on an airfield when all the other rounds have been on the UK finest race circuits but how wrong could be. The track which consisted of a very fast right hand corner, leading onto a a tight roundabout, looping back to the first corner but this time a long left hand bend. The drivers soon got to grips...............

click for more information & results




 Ten Of The Best, - 29/07/2007


After a very hard weekend at Knockhill, we set of back destination York, ready for TOTB on the Sunday. The very little sleep friday night was twice as long as the two & a half hours we got on the Saturday. The sleep depravation had obviously affected our diet as 2 garage sandwiches, half a sausage & a cheese burger is all George managed to eat from 8am Friday morning till 6pm Sunday. This didn't phase him though, where he got his energy..........

click for more information & results



 Time Attack & EDC, round 3 - 28/07/2007


Surprisingly preparations for all the cars were completed in good time giving us the last week before round 3 to tweak the cars. After the accident at Silverstone with the blue R32 the last month had seen a mammoth job in getting the car ready but the work was completed in record time. As Barrie & George hadn't been on Knockhill before they took advantage of the track session on the Friday night, unfortunately the traffic to............

click for more information & results




 Time Attack & EDC, round 2 - 03/06/2007


As normal it was last minuete with all 4 cars. The qualifiers for EDC drifting were held on the Friday afternoon so rather than travel to Silverstone on Friday to come back and return again on Sunday we decided to travel down on the Friday morning with 3 of the cars. The forecast had predicted rain for the Sunday so we had plenty of tyres and extra wheels, probably more than you could find in Kwick fit on a saturday afternoon..........

click for more information & results




 York Drag Way - 07/05/2007


York Raceway’s 2NZ (tuners) Run What You've Brung series was an ideal venue to test the GTR down the drag strip, more out of interest to see what times could be achieved. George had run his previous Skylines down the drag strip before but not this one. The car hasn't been out of the garage to see daylight since Donnington park on the 12 of April. Apart from a visit to the workshop to rectify the boost problem he had suffered on the last timed lap of Time Attack....

click for more information & results



 Time Attack & EDC, round 1 - 12/04/2007


Friday mooring saw 3 cars loaded on the transporter set for destination Donnington Park. The DCY drag car was left standing in the workshop still awaiting final adjustments and setup. The EVO 7 still needed a final map so our first port of call was Scooby Clinic so we could use there Dyno Dynamics rolling road.  Long delays at Scooby Clinic saw the EVO7 get a delayed run on the Dyno which put us behind time. 9pm we arrived at the paddock at Donnington Park....

click for more information & results




 DCY Enter Time Attack & EDC - 20/03/2007


Distinctive Cars York have entered into Time Attack 2007 with the full support of all 4 demo cars. DCY drag car has entered into the pro's with DCY mechanic Mick Wade behind the wheel. DCY EVO7RS is running in the Club class with owner & driver Barrie Rycroft. The silver Nissan Skyline GTR is running in Class with the EVO with owner & driver George Beavers. The DCY Drift car is entering this year European Drift Championship (EDC) with last years sponsored driver Mark Buckle AKA Sweeps.....

click for more information




We are always interested in buying cars of all types.  Please call us on 01347 878539

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