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Who are DCY Europe?

We Sell Japanese Imports






DCY Europe the longest trading UK based

Japanese Car Importer

We Import high quality JDM vehicles from Japan






"A small £900 investment in 1998...

...expands into the UKs most well known JDM car Importer"





COVID-19 Lockdown

2020 kicked of very strong at DCY, taking a record number of orders (in any 1 month) to source specific cars. Unfortunately the Coronavirus put the brakes on what was setting up to be a record year. As a company from the 90's, DCY are built of tough stuff! Riding out a couple of economy crashes, market price drops, vehicle availability, petrol/diesel trends they've experienced pretty much everything. Between George, Barrie & the team they have managed to guide DCY Europe through, whilst keeping them at the forefront of the Japanese Import Industry in the UK & Europe. Measures were put in place early to enable DCY to keep serving throughout the pandemic.


New website

After having one of the most visited, import car classified/informational websites for such a long time, it seems only fitting to revamp with a new site, using todays platform but yesterdays way of doing things! We hope you enjoy the new site.


Business takeover

In the name of progression DCY Europe climb the corporate ladder and go limited. No change to the daily runnings nor the managment team thats in place.


Record numbers

2015 & 2016 see the largest number of imports per anum imported to date. The turnover of vehicles in the hundreds. Impressive stuff for a small outfit.


Exit from Motorsport

DCYs R32 Drift now in it's 10th+ year of cepetition running now in the European Drift Chgampoionship.

Unfortunatly while racing at Brands Hatch it developed a bottom end rumble, this was to be the last time the car ran. 2014 become a double sad year as our first race car (DCY Drag) was sold, thankfully it contuined in motorsport, drifting under new ownership out in Spain.


New Bood

Until now George & Barrie had staff'd the Showroom at DCY Towers but as stock levels rasied so did the work load. To help maintain the high standards another staff member was required. James fit straight in at DCY as if he'd been born there.


The big move

The oppertunity couldn't be missed to move into a new unit, a brand new development on a delightful business park only 5 miles away. Welcome to DCY HQ, indoor & outdoor showroom. Very capable of holding 50+ cars.


Record numbers

The plan to concentrate on car sales during the recession was wise. DCY never experienced any drop in sales. Profit percentage was much lower than prevoius years but with an increase in vehicle sales overall business was greatly improved.


Battle down the hatrch's

The UK slowed with the recession, DCY stayed busy with sales, as a procaution the race calander for 2009 was ditched in favor of spending time sourcing the best Japanese Cars possible. Making sure every vehicle was disired and in demand.


Need for speed

The DCY stable gets bigger, new customers bringing race cars in for work and setup. Securing the Main Dealer status for Carbaonetic Motorsport parts. DCY 4 strong race team was out alongside several customer/tuner cars.


Distinctive Cars York becomes DCY Europe

DCY are running 3 cars in Time Attack & 1 in the European Drift Championship. Racing played a huge influance in the name shortening to DCY. High numbers of cars were been exported into Europe, so to occumpany the DCY it was only fitting to add Europe. DCY Europe Japanese Import Specialists was the new face of Distinctive Cars York.


Distinctive Cars York out n' about

Regular attendance at all major Japanese / Car tuning shows, hosting x2 track days, competeing in eurodrift. Writing a monthly 3 page drifting editorial in Banzia car Magazine, giving a great insight into how to start drifiting.


Distinctive Cars York in Motorpsort

The foundations of DCY are those 2 young men, once boys, with a passion for sports cars prodomantly to a high standard. The oppertunity to purchase half built drift car couldn't be missed. This car later went on the race at pro drift level in the UK. Another massivily iconic car from the grass routes in UK drifting.


New forcourt

DCY build a nice outside compound North of York. Cabable of secureing 35 vehicles and for the first time giving a base to call home.


Distinctive Cars York in drag

Sports & Performance has always been the driving force at DCY, so no suprises when DCY build a 700hp Drag Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Japanese Import. The R32 claimed instant fame and since become an iconic car of UK import tuning history.


Distinctive Cars York online domincance

DCY launch there new Import Specialist website. Claiming top spot on all search engines and becoming the UK biggest online Japanese Importer.


Get the Mechinics right

Car sales is easy when you have good cars. Unfortunatly good cars can have the odd hicup. Securing the Knowladge and expertise of M.Wade ex race car builder & BTCC winning team engineer, enabled DCY to consitantly supply Imports in the best possible condition free from any faults.


"Order Service" The birth

DCY launch thier all new Japanese Import Order Service. (Still in use today)

DCY completed orders from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, covering all of the UK and as far as Europe.


Distinctive Cars York 12,000 mile round trip

DCY touchdown in Japan with a week in Tokyo. Attending vaious auctions, building a good team and reliable contact. A whole change of direction as DCY strive for quality and become Japanese Importers...


Expansion at Distinctive Cars

Car sales is prodomiantly the nature of buisness but the purchase of a new 7.5 vehilce tranporter sees the launch of DCY Recovery with the bonus of a local contract thats huge!


Distinctive Cars York the birth

A new Venture is launched and York has a new car dealership. By the name of Distinctive Cars York. Specialising in Sports & Perfomance vehicles.


Our Roots

The history of DCY Europe starts back in 1997 when 2 young men (George & Barrie) bought a Mini; then decided to sell it at auction, making £60 each! It wasn't long before both were attending auctions buying prodomiantly sports cars this time selling to public locally.






DCY Europe - The Team



DCY Europe

Japanese Import Specialists

The Showroom, Alan Farnaby Way

Sheriff Hutton Business Park


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